Roots healing
Roots healing

Therapeutic Consulting & Clinical Case Management


What We Do

In partnership with our clients, we offer thoughtful education and consultation of the mental, emotional, and social health needs of youth. And we support families in making sense of the field of mental health services, providers, and options. We provide curated, individualized treatment planning, referrals, and supervision of program placements and/or community based clinical teams, and we assist treatment goals and objectives being met in careful, attuned, and effective ways. 

Why We Do It

The choice for a family to engage in a therapeutic process requires bravery and courage. When families initiate contact for our services, it is often during a turbulent and vulnerable time. There are many paths to consider and the best course is often unknown. Helping families find their best path to good care for a loved one can be life changing, sometimes even life saving. 

How We Do It

Roots Healing seeks to be exceptional in matching youth and families to the most impactful treatments possible. We work with Mental and Behavioral Health providers and programs throughout the country and internationally that provide mental health treatment and life skills development to adolescents, young adults, and families. Ongoing and evolving knowledge of effective and cutting edge therapeutic practices, local professionals and their work, and national programs and their outcomes actively steer our work and referrals. 

Therapeutic Consultation 

We work with therapeutic treatment programs and supportive academic environments nationwide (and some internationally) that support adolescents and young adults at various levels of intervention, need, and care. 
The therapeutic programs we work with align with our clinical conviction that physical and emotional safety, alongside respectful and truly caring relationships with youth and their families, are foundational elements for effective change and growth in any treatment process. 
We are active members of the Therapeutic Consulting Association, a national professional group of Therapeutic and Educational Placement Consultants. This group reflects our values, ethics, and commitment to best practices, continued education, and progressive care for our clients and families. 

Clinical Case Management

Working closely with various multidisciplinary specialities, we assist families in creating therapeutic teams of support in their local communities. We sculpt systems of services among carefully vetted professionals for our client’s needs. And we maintain ongoing communication and coordination of care among treatment providers as we work closely with our parents and youth to ensure treatment is trending effectively and positively. 
All of the Outpatient Providers and Programs, Wilderness, Residential, Transitional, & Academic Programs, as well as the Transportation Services we work with are carefully evaluated for clinical skill and professional integrity. Roots Healing has no financial relationships with the mental health providers or programs we refer to.