Roots healing
Roots healing

Professional Supervision


A Journey, Not a Destination

As Clinical Professionals, none of us are ever fully complete in our knowledge and work with youth and families. As the world keeps shifting, so too our clients’ and their needs. Our professional field continues to evolve with new ideas and practices to harvest and integrate into our working toolbox. 

The Territory

Roots Healing provides Supervision and Professional Development in the areas of Family Therapy, Parent Education, Relationship Focused, and Trauma Integrative Psychotherapies. 
By supporting professionals and programs in strengthening their understanding of the following areas, we hope to assist the evolution and expansion of success in the field of psychotherapy and psychological healing:
All supervision and training is carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of the professional, team, program, and/or organization eliciting services. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you toward advancing the clinical and relational efficacy of your practices.