Roots healing
Roots healing

Family and Individual Psychotherapy

We all need those who can hear and see and know us deeply; who can help us sort through what happened that no longer serves our lives or our families lives, and assist us in creating what we really wish for ourselves and our relations.

Therapy as a Conscious Practice

It can be effective to look back to find the origin of patterns and behaviors in an effort to understand ourselves. It can also be as effective to look ahead, to identify goals and focus on solutions to move us forward. And sometimes, it is important to simply sit still in the now, to learn about ourselves and each other as we are, to feel what needs to be felt. 

For Families

When a family comes into counseling, it can be a vulnerable time. Intergenerational adaptations have often lost their efficacy, old attachments are seeking new expression, and family members have typically lost healthy connection with each other.
Through a process of focused systemic exploration, Roots Healing weaves science and love into communication coaching and relationship training that facilitates the healing of trauma and disorder. Parallel to assisting families in creating improved relational safety, we guide experiences aimed to assist the healing of family patterns via practice of new relational skills, exploring new potentials for trust, and remembering ourselves and each other. 

For Individuals

Roots Healing’s Individual Psychotherapy Services are founded on the importance of relational safety and the power of interpersonal neurobiology to create long term change. Through resolution of early childhood trauma, attachment disorders, complex and pervasive stress and trauma symptoms by working with mindfulness, somatic wisdom, internal “parts,” and relationally based treatment models – we offer an eclectic clinical approach that allows us to match to the various needs and objectives of those who seek our services.