Roots healing
Roots healing

Healing the Roots of Well Being

We provide mental, emotional, behavioral, and transpersonal counseling, consulting, case management, and education for youth, families, and those who serve them. 

Roots Healing offers youth and families attentive support and guidance at all levels of the therapeutic journey. We provide trauma responsive, relationship based, progressive, and effective care with a focus toward transformational healing for individuals and families. 

We wear the various hats of Clinical Psychotherapists, Therapeutic Placement Consultants, Mental Health Advocates and Guides, Clinical Case Managers, and Parent and Family Coaches. Having intimacy in these different roles allows us to provide comprehensive support to the whole family system when a loved one is needing intensive care.

We work with a network of clinical professionals throughout the Boulder and Denver, CO therapeutic communities, as well as with Therapeutic Programs and Schools within the US and internationally. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Roots Healing?

We are a small and committed group of mental health professionals all coming from different backgrounds though sharing the same goal – of helping families navigate the mental health system while advocating for best care in the process. 

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When should I seek support?

There is never a wrong time to reach out if you find yourself concerned about your child’s wellbeing. When someone we love is shutting down in life, participating in risky and self harming behaviors, is isolating and not engaging in healthy relations – timely and effective intervention can be important. 

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What is the Cost for Services? 


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Why use Roots Healing Therapeutic Services?

Our Consultants are licensed clinicians from various schools of psychology, psychotherapy, and social work study. Each of us is driven to support the well-being of youth and families. We find the qualities of kindness and respect to be essential in the treatment process. Our work is relationally focused, grounded in developmental and interpersonal neurobiology and systems perspectives, and trauma informed at all levels. 

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Why work with a Therapeutic Consultant?

Determining the appropriate level of therapeutic support and sorting through the options available for treatment can be daunting. Families who are fortunate to find and work with a Therapeutic Consultant find themselves with a partner who knows the territory of the mental health systems that serve youth and families. Having Consultant support throughout a treatment process gives families the opportunity to focus on healing while their Consultant oversees the integrity of treatment throughout the process.

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Who does Roots Healing Help?

Our collective professional speciality is adolescent and young adult mental health care. In some circumstances, we do work with younger or older clients when appropriate. Our clients struggle with various mental, emotional, behavioral, and neurological health challenges including – Anxiety, Depression, Mood, Personality, Eating, Addiction, Obsessive Compulsive, Complex Trauma/Stress, and Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Psychotic Processes, and Learning Differences to name a few. We assist families that have become entrenched in dysfunctional relational patterns and we work with parents, youth, and treatment providers to help the remediation of maladaptive symptoms while supporting effective outcomes for care. 

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What is Therapeutic Consulting?

Therapeutic Consulting assists families in finding appropriate mental health care for their loved ones via individualized assessment, treatment recommendations, provider and program referrals, as well as ongoing collaborative case management before, during, and after intensive treatment. 

As Therapeutic Consultants, we help families in understanding the complex map of the mental and behavioral health system, while providing guidance and stable support throughout their treatment process. 

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Where is Roots Healing Located?

Roots Healing’s home office is located in Boulder, CO. We have a strong network of professional colleagues throughout the Boulder and Denver region to support clients living in our local area. We work with families from all over the country on a case by case basis. 

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How do we get started?

We offer an initial inquiry call to families that are interested in learning more about our services. We want to understand your unique situation and ensure our services align with your needs. Please contact us to schedule your initial inquiry. We look forward to supporting you.

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