Roots Healing

Therapeutic Services for Youth, Families, & Those Who Serve Them


Roots Healing serves youth and families, as well as the greater systems of community that surround them. Though skillful therapeutic guidance, we hope to engender new awareness, deeper understanding, and evolving movement toward improved relations and wellbeing for everyone we work for and with.

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Relationship Focused

As Therapeutic Consultants and invested clinicians we assist our clients’ in overcoming life challenges by facilitating experiences of success and self-respect on the journey of transformation.

Our work is always Relationship Focused~ grounded in Developmental and Interpersonal Neurobiology and Systems Perspectives while utilizing trauma responsive, integrative, progressive interventions and practices that promote safety and connection as primary in the treatment of mental health.


Roots Healing grows from the knowing that we all thrive in healthy, supportive relationships. We experience a life worth living when we feel able to relax and live from our truth. Roots Healing strives to provide focused care and environment(s) that assist consistent movement and progress through the therapeutic journey.

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~ May you always find        the support you seek ~