Therapeutic Educational Consulting

Integrative and Collaborative Treatment

Therapeutic Consultation provides families guidance and stable support in the form of assessment, clinical and program referrals, as well as ongoing collaborative case management before, during, and after an intensive treatment process.

When to Seek Support

When a teen or young adult has disconnected...  is shutting down in life , is participating in risk behaviors and self-defeating choices are increasing, timely and effective intervention can be critical. Typically when parents begin considering the need for therapeutic intervention - conflict, crisis, and parental burn out has already settled into the family system.

Determining level of therapeutic support and sorting through the options available to youth and families can be daunting.

Who are the right professionals for our specific needs? Our local therapist is recommending our daughter to residential treatment. What does that even mean? How do we find the best program? Our son is using drugs daily, and we need to help him. What can we do? My young adult won't leave her bedroom. How can we help her to launch? These are some of the questions Roots Healing works through with families every day.

Attentive Guidance

Our Therapeutic Consulting offers families a hand to hold through an often confusing, and sometimes terrifying time. Having Consultant support through the treatment process gives parents the opportunity to focus on healing their family while Roots Healing maintains the integrity of treatment though assessment, referrals, ongoing collaboration, attention to treatment efficacy, next step planning, and on - through transition out of treatment.

Careful Advocacy

Roots Healing seeks to be exceptional in matching youth and families to the least restrictive and most impactful treatment trajectory possible. Through ongoing and evolving knowledge of appropriate and effective therapeutic interventions, the private mental health treatment continuum, local and national professionals and programs, and with a focus on cutting edge clinical work and program outcomes, all services are tailored to each family and youth's unique needs.

therapeutic educational consultant

All of the Home Based • Wilderness Therapy • Residential Therapy • Therapeutic Boarding Schools • Transition Programs • Transportation Services • and Outpatient Referrals I work with are carefully evaluated and screened for clinical expertise and professional integrity.

Please contact me with any questions and/or to schedule an initial consult.