Family Therapy & Parent Coaching

strong roots = healthy forests

We all need the support of someone who can hear and see and know us deeply; who can help us sort through what happened that no longer serves our lives, our families lives, and can assist us in creating what we really wish for ourselves and our relations.

Family Connection

When a family comes into counseling, it can be a vulnerable time. Intergenerational patterns have often lost their efficacy, old attachments are seeking new expression, and family members have typically lost connection with each other.

The Process

Through a process of relationship focused systemic exploration, I weave science and love into communication coaching and relationship training that facilities the healing of trauma and dis-order. Parallel to assisting families in creating improved relational safety, I guide corrective experiences aimed to assist in the healing of intergenerational familial patterns, while facilitating the building of new relational skills and renewed confidence in each other.

Session/Meeting Accomodations

In - Office
In - Home
Community Based
Tele - Counseling
(when appropriate)

Please contact me with any questions and/or to schedule an initial consult.