Individual & Couples Counseling

relationship with Self & other

“The map may not be the territory, but it sure helps you get around.” ~ Peter Levine

Therapy as a Conscious Practices

It can be effective to look back to find the origin of patterns and behaviors in an effort to understand ourselves. Sometimes it can be as effective to look ahead, to identify goals and focus on solutions to move us forward. And sometimes, it is important to simply sit still in the now, to learn about ourselves and each other as we are, to feel what needs to be felt.

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An Offering of Transformation

Roots Healing’s Individual and Couples work is founded on the importance of relational safety and the power of interpersonal neurobiology to create long term change. Through resolution of early childhood trauma, attachment dis-order, complex and pervasive stress and trauma symptoms, working with mindfulness, somatic wisdom, hypnotherapy, “parts” work, and relationally based treatment models ~ we offer an eclectic clinical approach that allows us to match to the various needs and objectives of those who seek our services.

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