Clinical Supervision & Training

Guidance as we Guide, Mirroring as we Mirror, Reflection as we Grow

Roots Healing seeks to support the highest quality therapeutic programming and clinical efficacy possible by providing supervision and training in Relationship Focused & Trauma Sensitive Practices.

clinical supervision & training head with pencil

Building Skills

In addition to the Consulting and Counseling services offered, Roots Healing’s Kimberly Bryant, LPC supports the ongoing development and continuance of high quality clinical work by providing Supervision and Professional Development in the areas of Family Therapy, Parent Education, and Relationship Focused Trauma Sensitive Psychotherapies.

Growing the Clinical Community

By supporting professionals and programs in strengthening their understanding of ...

* trauma responsive care
* interpersonal neurobiology
* systems orientations and applications in clinical work
* careful/corrective relational experiences
* restorative somatic practices, and
* the outcomes of integrating these practices into the greater orientation and culture they exist and work within

…we hope to assist the evolution and expansion of success in the field of psychotherapy and psychological healing.

All supervision and training is carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of your professional, team, group, program, and/or organizational goals. I welcome the opportunity to work with you toward advancing your understanding of trauma treatment while assisting the clinical and relational efficacy of your practice.

All supervision and training is carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of the professional, team, program, and/or organization eliciting services. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you toward advancing the clinical and relational efficacy of your practices.

Please contact us with any questions about these services.